Attending the sessions at first felt daunting, I had never met you and had been recommended you by a friend of mine. I knew the anxiety and stress issues I was struggling with, had to be dealt with as it was majorly starting to effect my life. I was probably a little apprehensive as nothing had really worked in the past, but was willing to try anything.
You made me feel instantly relaxed, and made opening up about tender subjects very easy. You have such a lovely, gentle and caring manner about you. The techniques and discussions we had around the issues, I found very very helpful and I have actually made a huge difference to how I think, and deal with situations I would have before struggled with.
In all, it gave me the confidence to believe I CAN and WILL defeat my issues, and that it all can be controlled by me!!! Amazing and something so simple really!!
I want to thank you greatly for everything Amrit, and thank you for giving me the strength to believe in myself and who I am.’
E.O. April 2013